Discover how to master the art of prompt engineering to effectively guide ChatGPT in producing tailored outputs, solving real-world challenges within this focused, interactive session.

Learn from Penelope, Our AI-Trained Customer Persona Expert:
This workshop is not just about learning; it’s about transforming your interaction with AI. Engage with our experts and delve deep into the principles of prompt crafting to produce precise, context-aware responses from ChatGPT.

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Understanding how to communicate effectively with AI like ChatGPT can significantly enhance your productivity and creativity. Utilise our expert-led insights to craft prompts that deliver engaging, accurate, and valuable outputs.

Understanding the needs and desires of your target market boosts your marketing efficacy. Utilise data-driven insights to create engaging, relevant, and impactful campaigns that resonate deeply with your audience, enhancing engagement, conversion, and loyalty.

ChatGPT Implementation requires knowledge and best practices Implement ChatGPT with Confidence

Designed For Everyone

Whether you’re a marketer, strategist, or content creator, our workshop equips you with the skills to leverage AI effectively.

Designed for SMEs & Start-Ups

We apply psychology and cognitive science to understand consumer behavior, ensuring innovative, evidence-based marketing strategies with reliable outcomes.

Interactive and Practical

Enjoy hands-on activities and real-time feedback, ensuring you can apply what you learn immediately.

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Unlocking the Art and Science of Persona Crafting with AI:

Introduction to Prompt Engineering: Discover the pivotal role of prompt engineering in the realm of artificial intelligence. Prompt engineering is crucial for effectively guiding AI models like ChatGPT to generate targeted and useful responses. This introduction sets the foundation for understanding how to interact with AI systems to maximise their potential in various applications.

Overview of ChatGPT and its Capabilities: Dive deep into your market’s psyche. Differentiate psychographics, demographics, and behavioural data to create personas that resonate deeply, revealing their core fears and motivations.

Basics of How ChatGPT Works: Uncover the underlying mechanisms of ChatGPT, including its training on diverse datasets and the implications this has for prompt design. Understanding the model’s operational context and its limitations is essential for crafting prompts that yield relevant and accurate responses.

Leveraging Marketing Psychology with AI Expertise: Combine cutting-edge neuromarketing with AI analytics through Penelope’s insights to deepen your understanding of consumer behaviour and personalise marketing strategies that directly meet your audience’s needs and desires.

Mastering Data-Driven Persona Crafting for Unmatched Marketing Precision:

The Art of Crafting Effective Prompts: Learn the essential components of effective prompts—clarity, context, and conciseness—and the critical balance needed between over-specifying and under-specifying information. This balance helps in directing the AI accurately without limiting its potential to generate creative and expansive responses.

Interactive Activity: Participate in a hands-on activity where you will create prompts for scenarios such as generating blog posts, drafting customer service responses, or providing coding assistance. This practical exercise will help solidify your understanding of prompt nuances.

Scenario-Based Exercises: Engage in targeted exercises that apply your prompt crafting skills to specific business, creative, and technical tasks. Examples include drafting marketing emails, composing literary pieces, or generating code snippets.

Real-Time Feedback: Receive immediate feedback from the facilitator on the prompts crafted, discussing the effectiveness and areas for improvement in group discussions. This feedback loop is crucial for refining your prompt engineering skills.

Tips and Tricks: Discover strategies for iterative prompt refinement based on AI feedback and learn how to use follow-up prompts to further refine and perfect the AI’s output.

Practical application: Participate in hands-on exercises to realign your brand’s USPs with insights from Penelope and your persona analysis.

Advanced Prompting Techniques: In this session, you will delve deeper into the art of prompt engineering, learning to customise the tone and style of your prompts to suit different tasks, from formal business requests to creative storytelling.

You’ll also explore chain prompting, a method that involves sequencing multiple prompts to guide ChatGPT through more complicated tasks or to build upon initial responses for more detailed outcomes. This technique is invaluable for projects requiring a depth of interaction with AI, allowing for incremental refinement of the output.

By the end of this segment, participants will have a strong grasp of how to effectively manipulate prompt parameters to achieve specific objectives, making your interactions with AI more strategic and result-oriented.

What is the main objective of the Personacraft workshop?+
The primary goal is to equip SME leaders and marketers with the skills to create detailed customer personas using ChatGPT, enhancing their marketing strategies and customer engagement.
Who should attend the Personacrat workshop?+
Forward-thinking SME leaders and marketers seeking to deepen their understanding of their customers and improve their marketing efforts through AI-driven insights
What will participants learn in the workshop?+
Participants will learn how to harness ChatGPT to uncover the hidden desires and motivations of their customers, craft detailed personas, and apply these insights directly to their marketing strategies for immediate results.
How and why is Personacraft relevant to by business?+
Personacraft is crucial for your business because it enables you to understand your customers at a profoundly detailed level. This understanding goes beyond basic demographics to include psychographics, behaviors, and preferences, providing insights into what drives your customers’ decisions, preferences, and loyalty. By crafting precise customer personas, you can tailor your marketing strategies, product development, and customer engagement efforts to meet the exact needs and desires of your target audience. This leads to more effective marketing, higher conversion rates, enhanced customer satisfaction, and ultimately, greater business success. In a marketplace where understanding and meeting customer expectations are paramount, Personacraft equips you with the necessary tools and knowledge to precisely align your offerings with your customers’ expectations, giving your business a competitive edge.
What practical skills will my team and I gain from Personacraft?+
You and your team will learn how to create detailed customer personas using both traditional and AI-powered methods, analyse and interpret behavioural data, and apply these insights to tailor your marketing strategies, ensuring they resonate with your target audience.
How does Personacraft’s integration of AI and psychological expertise benefit my marketing strategy?+
Personacraft leverages AI’s analytical power and psychological insights to provide a deeper understanding of consumer behavior, enabling you to craft more effective and emotionally resonant marketing strategies that drive engagement and conversions.
Can Personacraft help me resolve the dilemma between market creation and product adaptation?+
Yes, by offering insights into customer needs and market gaps through detailed persona crafting, Personacraft enables you to identify opportunities for market creation while also guiding you on how to adapt your products to meet existing market demands more effectively.
How will Personacraft assist in aligning my brand’s positioning and messaging with my ideal customer?+
Personacraft helps you understand your ideal customer’s preferences, values, and challenges at a granular level, allowing you to align your brand’s positioning and messaging to appeal directly to them, enhancing brand relevance and customer loyalty.
What outcomes can I expect from applying my new knowledge?+
Expect improved marketing effectiveness, higher customer engagement, increased conversions, and stronger brand loyalty as you apply the insights gained from Personacraft to fine-tune your strategies and communications.
How will this curriculum address my concern about the practical applicability of these strategies?+
The curriculum is designed with a strong focus on practical application and real-world scenarios. Each module includes hands-on workshops and activities that not only teach you theoretical concepts but also allow you to apply what you’ve learned directly to your business, ensuring you leave the course with actionable strategies and skills.
How long is the workshop, and are there any prerequisites?+
The workshop lasts for 3 hours and requires participants to bring a laptop and have access to a ChatGPT Plus subscription.
Can you describe the structure of the workshop?+
The workshop is structured into interactive segments, starting with the fundamentals of persona crafting, advancing through data analysis and psychological insights, and culminating in applying these concepts to real-world marketing challenges, with hands-on activities throughout.
How does the workshop address the practical application of learned concepts?+
Each segment includes practical exercises, real-world examples, and guided persona creation activities, ensuring participants can apply what they’ve learned directly to their marketing strategies and campaigns.
What are the immediate benefits of attending this workshop?+
Immediately after the workshop, you’ll have actionable insights and tools to create more precise customer personas, enhanced strategies for targeting and engagement, and a clearer understanding of how to leverage AI and psychology in marketing.
How is this workshop different from other marketing workshops?+
This workshop uniquely combines the latest in AI technology with psychological marketing insights, providing a comprehensive, hands-on learning experience focused on crafting highly effective customer personas and applying these insights in strategic ways.
What makes Hartz AI the right choice for mastering AI-enhanced marketing?+
Hartz AI stands out for its deep expertise in integrating AI with marketing strategies, offering cutting-edge tools and insights that are not just theoretical but grounded in practical, real-world application, making it an invaluable partner in elevating your marketing efforts.

Client feedback

Tailored expertise: Our training is custom-fit for SMEs, addressing your unique challenges with solutions that matter directly to your business.

Practical learning: Through interactive workshops, you’ll immediately apply what you learn, bridging the gap between theory and real-world application.

Expert access: Gain insights from leaders in AI and marketing psychology, ensuring you’re equipped to navigate the complexities of AI integration.

Success stories: Be inspired by SMEs who’ve seen real results from our training, offering you confidence in the tangible benefits of partnering with us.

Continuous support: Beyond the workshop, benefit from our ongoing guidance and a community of peers, ensuring you’re never alone in your journey.

Future-proofing: Invest in training that not only addresses today’s needs but also prepares you for tomorrow’s marketing landscape.

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