Avenue Land

Staying a Leap Ahead in Real Estate Development: How Avenue Land Automated Their Lead Generation To Find The Diamond Deals

Worldwide Scale & 3.6x YoY Growth

Brampton Real Estate

Leading the Way: How Brampton Real Estate's Pre-Market Alert System Transformed Client Success in Rapid Real Estate Market

1,290% Growth via Creative Testing & Multi-Channel

70% YoY Growth to Prove, You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

4,000% Increase in Sales via Paid Social & +103% YoY Growth

Influencer Remarketing to VIP Customers, 30M Reach & 200k Purchases

From In-Store to Online with 140% YoY Growth

2.4x Increase In Purchases & A Total Inventory Sellout

The Disney Collaboration That Increased Returns 15x

Sanjay Jenkins, Director of Ecommerce at Buff City Soap
“By cranking ad spend while maintaining +5.2 ROAS, we’ve already done 2.5x the online sales we did last year. And we’re on track to 7x moving forward.”
“We’re improvisers. This year, you have to be. CTC consistently advises on new angles to test with a level of nuance and thoughtfulness that makes me wonder if they know my business better than I do.
They balance our aggressive goals with the ever-changing realities of media buying in a way that results in us most effectively deploying our Facebook marketing.”
Sanjay Jenkins,
Director of Ecommerce at Buff City Soap

By helping these entrepreneurs achieve their dreams (and more), we pride ourselves on being growth experts in every stage of the online sales process.

From creative content to media buying, our solutions are specifically tailored to tweak the variables that create revenue.

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